7 percent of Canadian homes use ‘Free TV’ Android TV boxes

Waterloo, Ontario-based networking solutions company Sandvine has released a new study that indicates ‘free TV’ Android TV boxes are becoming increasingly popular in the Canadian market.

The broadband equipment company monitored the home internet traffic of tens of thousands of Canadian households over the course of a month to gather its findings, discovering that more than seven percent of Canadian homes are utilizing an Android TV-based platform called Kodi.

While Android TV coupled with Kodi can be used for more than just piracy purposes, Sandvine estimates that the majority of the households included in the study were utilizing the box to stream pirated content to their television.

“Kodi is often referred to by name as the root of the unlicensed content streaming problem, but the true roots of the problem appear to be the illegitimate video service providers and file hosts who are making a profit by enabling access to unlicensed content,” said Don Bowman, the CTO of Sandvine.

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